Thursday, December 22, 2005

one, two, three strikes - you're out!

It's day three of the MTA strike and lucky for me my boss is understanding and let me work from home today (and tomorrow too!). This move just makes sense. She knows I'm not feeling well and with the strike it's a pain to get into and out of the office. Plus, it's the week before Christmas and now that the children's holiday parties have been cancelled there's really nothing to do at the office. Everyone who has vacation days is taking them. Everyone who's in the office is not doing much.

Thank goodness my boss is nice. Other people are stuck coming in for the rest of the week (though I don't have much pity for those that live in close proximity to the office and can walk 20 blocks to work. Yes, it's cold outside, but I'd have to walk that far plus take a bus in).

Just for the record, I am not in favor of this strike. It strengthens the union, but hurts the employees - the very people that unions are supposed to protect. Each of them loses two days pay for each day they are on strike. Plus, they're fined $25,000 as well if I'm not mistaken. I don't like the idea of being told to strike. Call for people to walk out, but don't order them not to work and make it socially unacceptable for them to cross the line and make them suffer these hardships without a choice. Choosing to do something and being ordered to do something are two totally different things.


Blogger ButterSnatch said...

Funny how little I cared about this when I read about it in the papers and saw it on FOX News. If I lived up there I'm sure it would have impacted me in some way, shape or form, but being 1700 miles to the south sure does help!

It's kind of like me asking you to relate to Hurricane Rita or Katrina. Can you possibly fathom what we went through down here? REALLY? Sure, you watched on TV and saw the aftermath and carnage, but to REALLY FEEL what was going on at the time, you kinda have to live it. Kinda like asking a non-NY'er to describe the events of 9/11. I guess it's all relative.

Heard it cost the city like $1.5B for the strike... bummer. I wonder who'll be first to try and blame Bush or the administration for this...

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